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Every spring, a female and male cardinal visit my bird feeder. When she’s pregnant, the vibrantly red male searches for the very best pieces to feed her. After the female gives birth, she does the same for him. They work together as a team to create something greater than themselves; they create life.

This was the inspiration behind the Independent Film Production Company, Cardinal Flix, Inc. (CFI). Brian and I work together to tell stories about regular people confronted by extraordinary events that anyone can and will probably be faced with at some point in their life; primal stories about love, fear, sexuality, death, told honestly without embellishment.

The company’s pipeline is creatively powerful and we are set to shoot and release two feature films per year up through, but not limited to, 2029. There is breadth to the pipeline’s genres, ranging from family dramas to psychological thrillers. While prioritizing a financial return for our investors and business partners, CFI believes that socially responsible and charitable efforts are equally important to the way we conduct business.


Sarah T. Schwab is currently in post-production on her third feature film, "Crybaby Bridge," which she co-wrote and directed. The film stars two-time Emmy-nominated actress Sydney Mikayla and Erik King. Sarah's second feature, "A Stage of Twilight," received critical acclaim and premiered at the Woods Hole Film Festival. It featured performances by Karen Allen and William Sadler, who won Best Performance in a Feature Film. Sarah herself was honored with the Best Emerging Director award. "A Stage of Twilight" also received recognition at other festivals, including the Rhode Island International Film Festival, Mystic Film Festival, and Sonoma International Film Festival. In 2020, Sarah completed her feature film "Life After You," which she co-wrote and directed. The movie stars Gary Perez, Florencia Lozano, and Kathryn Erbe and has garnered multiple accolades at various film festivals, including the Madrid International Film Festival, Nice International Film Festival, and WorldFest-Houston. It is now available for streaming on major cable and VOD platforms. Sarah is a member of the playwright/directors unit at the Actors Studio in New York City.





Brian Long is an award-winning film producer and an Obie-winning theater producer. His films include, “A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud.”, “Life After You”, "A Stage of Twilight," and the recently shot feature, “Crybaby Bridge,” which is currently in post-production. “A Stage of Twilight” has screened at film festivals all across North-America and premiered at Woods Hole Film Festival. The film stars Karen Allen ("Raiders of the Lost Ark") and William Sadler ("The Shawshank Redemption"). Brian served as Managing Director of Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre in New York City for nine years where he produced over 40 World Premieres by artists such as Annie Baker, Jesse Eisenberg, Adam Rapp, Craig Lucas, Jose Rivera, Heidi Schreck and Jonathan Tolins.

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